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Welcome to the VATNZ Testing Centre.

This centre contains all the training material and information that Student Air Traffic Controllers on the VATSIM Network to complete each stage of their training.
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Picture of Ray Lang
by Ray Lang - Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 11:22 PM
Working n the Flight Experience Sim
Controller Training Introduction
by Mark Richards - Monday, 10 October 2016, 10:49 PM

VATNZ offers training and assessment corresponding to each of the available VATSIM ratings:

  • Tower Controller
  • Procedural Tower Controller
  • TMA Controller
  • Enroute Controller
  • Oceanic Controller

The typical progression for a complete beginner will start at the Tower level and continue as far as the individual wishes to go.

There is no compulsion to achieve a certain rating, and there are no time limits.

Training is delivered in a variety of formats. No matter which format you choose, training is self-driven and therefore entirely at your own pace.

Each rating level has a set curriculum and associated standard.

These criteria form the basis of the training system, and all work completed as part of your formal training will be linked back to the relevant criteria in some way.

It is therefore very important that you read, study, and become familiar with the criteria for the rating that you seek to attain BEFORE requesting assessment.

Proper study is VITAL!

There is a lot to learn, even for a Student rating.

You should therefore develop a proper study technique, one that will help to ensure your success and reduce setbacks, disappointment and frustration.

A proper study method should include:

  • Study the knowledge and skill items listed for the assessment.
  • Research the resources at the links provided.
  • Observe experienced Controllers in action.
  • Ask questions to or on-line in the ATC forums.

This study method will provide you with all of the proper answers BEFORE you present for assessment.

If you obtain information from others then ask them to point you to the reference source from where it was obtained and can be verified by you.

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